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Finally : The Songwriting Feedback Service is here!

Song Feedback Service

  This has been almost 6 months in the making and I’m very proud to be finally announcing its birth.   This is for you if   –       you are a solo artist who needs someone to bounce ideas off –       you are anyone who has ever hit a dead end in terms of their […]

The Songwriting Business Academy is here!

Songwriting Business Academy

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Songwriting Business Academy!   This has been many months in the making with many ups and downs but it is finally here. The Songwriting Business Academy will be covering all sorts of aspects of songwriting to help songwriters at all levels!   From […]

Your Talent Isn’t Enough – by Kelly Paige


Kelly Paige is not only an amazingly talented Nashville songwriter with an incredible voice, she is also my new partner in crime on Later this week we will be launching the SongwritingBusiness podcast series which will be hosted by myself from South Africa and Kelly from Tennessee (a true international collaboration). Another great quality […]

The Art vs The Business

art vs business

I thought it was time to tackle a question that plagues every professional songwriter at some time or another. It’s a question that completely and utterly affects the heartbeat of your song writing process and can make or break your songwriting career…..   – Should I be trying to write hit songs, or should I […]

Make Music, Make Money – 5 Alternative Ways to Make Money from your Songs


The place where most artists struggle is once they have their song, and have tried submitting it for playlisting on various radio stations and have had no luck.   Who do you do next? There are still many options for you if you are serious about wanting to make music, make money and make a […]

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