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Finally : The Songwriting Feedback Service is here!

Song Feedback Service

  This has been almost 6 months in the making and I’m very proud to be finally announcing its birth.   This is for you if   –       you are a solo artist who needs someone to bounce ideas off –       you are anyone who has ever hit a dead end in terms of their […]

The Publishing Tip that Will Save Your Career

CASSETTE redcurtain

We were discussing publishing in my Songwriting workshop last week and as a class, we hit on a publishing epiphany. One that could have maybe even saved my old band, Cassette, from disintegration – or at the very least, it could have saved a lot of headache and endless in-fighting. Even though this tip is […]

Make Music, Make Money – 5 Alternative Ways to Make Money from your Songs


The place where most artists struggle is once they have their song, and have tried submitting it for playlisting on various radio stations and have had no luck.   Who do you do next? There are still many options for you if you are serious about wanting to make music, make money and make a […]

Publishing – The cornerstone of Making Money as a Songwriter

jon and jpo

Publishing is one of the most misunderstood parts of the whole songwriting business industry, yet it is what everything revolves around.   If you don’t know anything about publishing, and you are already working as a professional songwriter, then you are literally throwing money down the toilet.   There are a lot of publishers out […]

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