Quentin Tarantino vs Fiona Apple on Songwriting


I just wanted to draw your attention to this video clip on Youtube as it really is beautiful!


It’s  a beautiful and bizarre interview full of passion and confusion. I love that you can see the inner workings of a struggling artist during her creative process. I love Fiona Apple and I especially love Tarantino!


It’s very rare to see an interview clash of the Titans like this.


But the other thing I want to draw your attention to is this : there are millions of great “songwriting” videos on Youtube with artists talking about their creative processes.  Songwriting can be so personal and everyones methods are so different. Being a tortured artist is great if you can succeed that way, like Fiona Apple has!


However, there are NOT many videos that I can find on the web, that show the nuts and bolts of songwriting. The part of the process that you need to LEARN before you can express yourself through your music. Fiona Apple can sit down and pour her heart onto a piano because she understands the process; she understands how the chords fit together, how the melodies weave, how the harmonies work, how to build a chorus, how to make it emotional, how to be honest with her lyrics, how to create light and dark shades and how to craft the journey of a great song.

This blog (and my subsequent podcast and videos) will be tackling the science of songwriting. The part of the process you need to master before you can be a master songwriter and express yourself properly through music. Everyone is a songwriter, but not everyone knows how to truly write a song.


In addition (and most importantly), we will be tackling the Business of Songwriting : how to take  you’re ability to write songs and turn them into money.  My aim is not about helping people write number 1 hit singles (although this methodology will definitely help you get closer to that), but at helping you turn your songwriting skills into cold hard cash so that you can go and write the songs you want to write all day long!


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Until then, happy songwriting!





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