The Instrument that is going to make you Money


Is one instrument more profitable than another?


Choosing the most versatile instrument as your writing tool is extremely important if you want to make money from this craft.


Of course, different genres and different styles could require different instrumentation, but when it comes to the actual songwriting and arrangement, the instrument you are most comfortable with may not always be the instrument you use as your main songwriting tool.


So what is the most versatile AND profitable songwriting instrument?


If you want to become a dedicated songwriter that is making the MOST money from songs that you possibly can, you need to learn to play the piano. Even if you are working in hip-hop, rock, pop, classical or almost any other genre, you need to have basic piano skills.


Here are the two top reasons why knowing how to play the piano will boost your songwriting career over any other instrument.



1.  It is the most VERSATILE instrument for composing because you can see all of the notes spread out in front of your eyes. This really helps when finding melodies and bass notes and harmonies all in a matter of seconds. You can reach all the high notes and all of the low notes all at the same time. On an instrument such as a guitar – even though it is possible to compose beautiful pieces on it – composing on the piano is a much FASTER and more efficient process. This will save you time and money later.

In coming weeks I am going to show you how to get writing fast and furiously and how to earn money from this, so writing quickly and efficiently is  important to the process so you can get your ideas out within seconds of having them, and so you don’t have to stumble around trying to find the right chords to go with your melody.


2. With todays MIDI technology (if you don’t know what MIDI is, don’t stress, we will get to that), almost any instrument on earth can be simulated via a MIDI keyboard. Midi Keyboards are dirt cheap and vital to songwriting fast and effectively. In addition, when we get to profiting off of your songs, the more instruments you can play – or simulate via your MIDI keyboard – the less you will need to ever outsource musicians to play on your songs, and therefore making more money as you go. And I’m talking about making an EXTRA $2 000 – $20 000 for one  song from this saving alone.


So if you are serious about getting into this game, you are going to need to learn basic piano lessons and get yourself playing soon. If you have a piano teacher in your area and you have the time, get started immediately. Or else, Rocket Piano is a fast and highly effective crash course that will teach you piano fast. Click on the link for ROCKET PIANO ONLINE


In future weeks we are going to be talking about the basic gear you are going to need to get started. Don’t worry it’s VERY little and usually pretty affordable.


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4 Responses to “The Instrument that is going to make you Money”

  1. marc says:

    Cool Jon , i personally feel on choosing an instrument it depends also on what you aim to achieve and what style, i am better on piano than guitar but i write simpler songs on the guitar which sometimes works for straight down the line pop songs, and on keyboards i tend to write more complex tracks

    • Jon Savage says:

      Heya Marc!
      Thanks for the comment dude!

      You’re absolutely right. However, as you’ll see in later blogs, I’m building up to very strong songwriting strategy that can make you money regularly. And to do that you need to be able to put a LOT of ideas down in a short amount of time. With a guitar, even if you’re original parts come on the guitar, that’s great, but so much time wasting goes into recording the thing.

      With keyboards and midi, you can put down multiple ideas down extremely fast, then correct the bum notes and timing issues and complete an entire song in an hour or two. This goes too for rock songs, hip hop, classical soundtracks. It’s quicker to put down the guitar line via a midi keyboard at first and overlay the guitars later too.

      I’m not denying that you can write great songs on any instrument – that part is a matter of preference. But in this particular strategy, that has worked for me time and time again, I’m suggesting that knowing the piano is the most efficient, versatile and profitable songwriting tool.

      Shot for the comment! :)

  2. Marc Klein says:

    Been wanting to learn the piano for ages, I find even basic music theory becomes so much simpler (e.g. 5ths and 7ths). Getting a MIdi Keyboard Asap.

    Best part is you can write the midi and then use other VST instruments in place of the piano :)

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